Cefalù, Palermo

In a hot air balloon above the Gulf of Cefalù

Flying above one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy, between the rocky promontory of Gibilmanna and the Madonie Natural Park. “Will you marry me” will come along with the sparkling breeze of the sea and the emotion of being suspended at 800 meters of altitude.

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Taormina, Messina

On a sicilian boat in Taormina

At sunset the sunlight plunges through the waves of the Ionian Sea, the bow of a characteristic Sicilian boat, cuts the water that bathes the coast of Taormina, the hamlet of artists, writers and intellectuals looking for a paradise to take refuge in.

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Stromboli, Messina

At the foot of the Stromboli Volcano

In the endless blue of the Mediterranean sea, the active volcano of the island of Stromboli, from the height of its 750 meters, will witness a memorable and “explosive” moment. On her return the bride will not be able to desist from telling every single detail to her friends and family.

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Scala dei Turchi of Realmonte

An intimate and exclusive solution, full of romance. Aboard a Gulet built following the Turkish tradition, equipped with every comfort, a few meters far from the white cliff known throughout the world, which at sunset gives away seductive and exciting glares.

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Etna Craters, Catania

On a helicopter over the craters of Etna

Touching the sky with a finger? Yes, with a beautiful ring on the ring finger. A proposal at high altitude, is already unusual but if you propose the hand when you are flying over the craters of the largest volcano in Europe, well then that is exclusive.

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In Sicily

Wedding in a Cave

A hidden and unexplored place, with a timeless charm, consisting of a complex of environments created by man by digging into the depth of the rock. A monument of rock architecture that dates back to a period between the late Roman age and the Byzantine period. Six rooms on a cliff of red sandstone, whose light has extremely relaxing effects and whose cavities echo the music that accompanies the exciting exchange of rings.

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In Sicily

Wedding in a Tuff Quarry

Hidden inside an old abandoned tutf quarry, accessible only through a suggestive botanical path, there is a magical and discreet area. The imposing walls of light tuff and the luxuriant flora will be the ideal natural setting for amazing photographs.

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Sicilian Sea Shore

Wedding on a Private Beach

An almost unexplored bay, protected by a majestic promontory, will be the place where the oath of eternal love will be united inextricably with the sound
of the sea breeze. The warm colors of the sunset will make inimitable an event that, in its elegance, will give the possibility to guests and bride and groom to
dance barefoot under the stars. The ideal wedding for an adventurous and informal couple.

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Etna National Park

Wedding in an amphitheater inside a vineyard of the Etna Natural Park

A wedding that becomes a spectacular sight. An ancient lava stone platform immersed among the vines, with a semicircular shape typical of the Hellenic amphitheatres. A propitiatory place for the couple and the future of the newly established family. In fact, the vine is a symbol of fruitfulness, well-being and blessing. The Etna volcano in the background will give majesty to the ceremony.

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Sicilian Wood

Wedding in the Woods

The enchanted atmospheres of a wood, an exclusive event surrounded by natural and decisive smells, solid colours and natural light effects in the foliage of the trees. The spirituality of nature will make the wedding ritual a spontaneous and breathtaking moment.

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In Sicily

Wedding in an Ancient Castle

An ancient village of Sicily holds on its heights a castle of the thirteenth century, with a panoramic view of the valley below. A time travel through the folklore of the past.

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In Sicily

Wedding in a citrus fruit orchard and olive grove

In some areas of Sicily endless countrysides for the cultivation of only citrus, heritage of the island, and olive trees are preserved. Putting on a wedding event in this rural context means enriching it with unique perfumes, bright colors and warm and enveloping sensations for all five senses .

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Mozia, Sicily

Wedding at Saline of Mozia

Mills, stretches of salt, pink flamingos define the landscape of the Saline di Mozia, a reserve of rare charm, sometimes surreal. Here iridescent polychromies reign: from the white of the heaps of rock salt to the shades of intense blue that color the ancient pathways courses of the Salt Route.

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Modica, Sicily

Wedding in Modica on a panoramic terrace

The intimacy of a private terrace, overlooking the Cathedral of San Giorgio that is in the city of Modica, perfect location for art lovers. The serenity, the sense of history, the unusual surroundings, everything contributes to create a romantic atmosphere for a special occasion.

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